Thursday, March 29, 2012

[AIDS TRIANING] shitty weather break is killing us!

Hey bikers.

Sorry for the lack of training rides... the weather has been extra dumb lately.

Anyway, so we usually do our rides on saturday mornings... but it is supposed to be dumb saturday. With that in mind, we are going to roll out on sunday instead for a quickie. We are going to do the paradise loop again. I like that ride, pat likes that ride, jessica likes that ride... let's do it again!

For those of you who are lacking in the training and don't think you can hang with the 40+ miles that is the full ride, some of us might be turning around and heading back early. So if you aren't quite in shape yet... come with us and do it halvsies.

Ok, here is the info:

meet at sports basement in the presidio at 9am on sunday april 1st! roll out at 9:20!
we do paradise loop! it is about 50 miles.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[AIDS TRAINING] picking it back up...

Hey bike riders. 

Sorry for the lull in training rides. Jessica, pat and I have been busy the last couple of saturdays...

Anyway, we are picking it back up this weekend sort of where we left off last time with about a 50 mile ride. We will start off meeting up in the front of sports basement in the presidio at 9am (roll out by 9:20), blast through the headlands, take a trip to saulsalito, back over the bridge through the presidio, down the coast to lake merced, then back up the coast and through the park ending in the panhandle. Remember to bring water + snacks + tubes for flats! We may stop for lunch in saulsalito... but it is doubtful since this is a short ride.

I have chosen this route particularly for certain people *couch george* who might need to dip out of the ride early for certain reasons. Half city / half not city gives you guys an option of bouncing out if you need to. All of the hard parts are right at the beginning... so at least you can get those muscles going.

Also, I want to send out a reminder to people that our first over night training ride will be taking place on april 21st down to half moon bay. We be biking down there on saturday, camping it out, then biking back on sunday. Pat's over night trip to samual P taylor is going to happen some time in may. We will have a more solid date on that one some time soon.

Lastly, if anyone has any friends who you think would like to attend any of these rides... gimme their email and I will add them to my list.

Here is al ink to the ride we will be doing on saturday:,+610+Old+Mason+Street+,+San+Francisco,+California+94129+(sports+basement)&daddr=37.82637,-122.499455+to:Conzelman+Rd+to:Mike's+Bikes+of+Sausalito,+Gate+6+Road,+Sausalito,+CA+to:37.78752,-122.48961+to:37.7859967,-122.4998977+to:37.78063,-122.50989+to:37.7252952,-122.4847065+to:Unknown+road+to:Unknown+road&hl=en&ll=37.771258,-122.424088&spn=0.166358,0.250626&sll=37.733661,-122.485971&sspn=0.041611,0.062656&geocode=FZrTQAIdC22z-CExtgObxiXPOSnhsUkd2oaFgDEWB-2JrayqfQ%3BFUIvQQIdgc6y-ClDzTgh2oWFgDG9G11rEaTgBQ%3BFcIkQQIdmF-y-A%3BFcHmQQIdV7Oy-CFHFi6yzRpHOCnNJfQqEYWFgDHYwggmocBjdw%3BFYCXQAId9vSy-Cmr4m82AIeFgDEf-I5FUv84cQ%3BFYyRQAIdx8yy-CmFGEFSU4aFgDGVwYhfKBkTpA%3BFZZ8QAIdvqWy-CmLu6J9s4eFgDFjTqeRP-T4SQ%3BFW-kPwIdHgiz-Clh7XsYr32PgDHqYvUNt1mi2g%3BFWtjPwIdywSz-A%3BFc5gQAIdnbKz-A&oq=sports+basement&dirflg=b&mra=dpe&mrsp=7&sz=15&via=1,4,5,6,7&t=m&z=13&lci=bike