Friday, January 13, 2012

Recap of Training Ride 1

Hi, I'm George. I am going to ride on the AIDS Lifecycle with this crew of sellswords. I will probably be blogging too.

Training ride 1 was held on Saturday Jan 7th, the same day that I was going to celebrate my 30th birthday for the 4th time.

The 3rd time had been the friday night before, lasted until 2am, and I was feeling it. Woke up at 8:30 and rode to the meeting spot with no idea what to expect. I had been riding my bike to and from work for the last 5 months, but that was only a 10 minute ride. I hadn't done a ride across the bridge in almost a year.

We met at the east-side of the pan handle, the statue. It was Brian, Jessica, Pat, Andy, Jason, and me. Brian showed up on his road bike looking pro & metal at the same time. Pat wore some kind of old school 70s cyclist getup. Jason and I looked like we were going to work. I was the only one not wearing shorts, I was wearing jeans.

We left and rode the standard trip across the bridge: through golden gate park, up agurello to presidio, across the bridge. Then we took a huge descent (Conzelman Rd) under the bridge and rode up East Rd to Sausalito.

After saying goodbye to Pat (who was riding to San Rafael) , eating some WHOLE MEAL bars and swapping food poisoning stories, we started back to SF. This is where I would typically take the ferry.

But instead, we rode up that big ass hill that most people come into Sausalito on. This is when the reality of my weakness started to set in. We all crushed it however because, as readers of this blog know, Brian does not associate with craven weaklings. We are going to smash AIDS when we're done training.

Fun: Descents, GG Park, GG Bridge
Learned: do not wear jeans, dont wear a backpack, get a computer

Training has begun!

So we have begun training for the aids life cycle. The ride isn't until like june or something, but we are getting started early, and easing our way in to it. Our first training ride was last saturday, and we took it super easy by biking to salsalito and back from SF. This is only about a 22 mile ride, but most of the people in our group have never even really biked much farther than that. With that said, everyone did a really good job. The ride to salsalito and back is pretty hilly, so it was a good preview of what is to come on the aids ride.

Anyway, we are doing our next training ride this saturday morning (01/14). We are gradually increasing the mileage to around 27 with an extended city loop. If you are in the bay area, feel free to join us! We are meeting at 9am at the east end of the panhandle at the big statue. Here is our proposed route

Also, we are still trying to raise funds for the ride. Please donate and spread our link around to help us raise money! Here is our link.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aids life cycle 2012!

Long time no write deadly rigs readers!

The blog is coming back strong for 2012 (our last year on earth). I have formed a crew of maniacs to participate in the 2012 aids life cycle. We are going to be posting about our training rides here, as well as posting while we are on the ride. For those who don't know... the aids life cycle is an annual ride form san francisco to LA to raise funds and awareness for aids research.

With all of that said... everyone on our team will need to raise $3000 to participate in the ride. You can check out our progress at:

If you want to be really cool... you can donate some money to our team! Just go to the above link and choose your favorite deadly rigs rider (ps. we are named dreadly rigs out of appropriateness for the ride) and provide a donation! It is super easy!

So yeah, expect to see some life breathing back in to this blog. Also, expect to read from many new writers who will be participating in the ride!