Friday, January 13, 2012

Training has begun!

So we have begun training for the aids life cycle. The ride isn't until like june or something, but we are getting started early, and easing our way in to it. Our first training ride was last saturday, and we took it super easy by biking to salsalito and back from SF. This is only about a 22 mile ride, but most of the people in our group have never even really biked much farther than that. With that said, everyone did a really good job. The ride to salsalito and back is pretty hilly, so it was a good preview of what is to come on the aids ride.

Anyway, we are doing our next training ride this saturday morning (01/14). We are gradually increasing the mileage to around 27 with an extended city loop. If you are in the bay area, feel free to join us! We are meeting at 9am at the east end of the panhandle at the big statue. Here is our proposed route

Also, we are still trying to raise funds for the ride. Please donate and spread our link around to help us raise money! Here is our link.

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