Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hello out there. This blog is not dead! I am currently in the works planning a quick tour from NYC to merck forest in vermont. So far it is just going to be myself and my friend matt (gonzo) kosoy and maybe a couple of others. We are going to make this trip super chill and go about 50-60 miles a day to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress. I am not quite in the mood to do another brutalizing pace tour again just yet haha.

Anyway, make sure to keep checking back here in the future because there shall be updates! I will leave you with a quick glimpse of our tentative route: CLICK THIS

I shall post more on this soon. Per usual, if any of you filth hounds out there have friends or family or luxary cabins for us to stay at anywhere along this route, DO holler at us hard.


  1. i shall greet you and matt at the camp site with oodles of food and a parked car haha..

  2. you better also bring some sick rave music to blast on the stereo!