Monday, February 6, 2012

training: paradise loop volume 1

Our training continues. After a little bit of a hiatus due to vacationing in ft. lauderdale where the young are OLD and the old are ANCIENT, I have gotten back in the saddle to continue training for the aids ride. Last saturday we took a lap around the paradise loop. According to many, this is one of san fran's favorite medium difficulty rides. This was, in my opinion, the first real training ride. The entire trip ended up being just under 50 miles as we left from sports basement in the presidio to head across the bridge, blast through saulsalito, head up a decent climb and down in to the tiburon peninsula. The ride was full of rolling hills and coastal views. It was a super pretty ride, and honestly pretty damn mellow. I enjoyed it. I think we are actually going to do it again this saturday since only 3 of us managed to make it for the ride last weekend. Going in to it, I wasn't sure if I was going to be sore, or exhausted, or what, by the end. Turns out I was none of the above. We got back and I felt completely normal. I wasn't even really tired. I guess this old man can still ride 50 miles and feel like a champion.

Here is a pic of my whip cold chillin by the water in rich person land:

Anyway, in other news. due to some stellar fundraising abilities... George and I have earned aids life cycle wind vests. Here we are looking hard as shit:

Lastly, I am going to get better at posting about our training rides on the blog starting NOW. You can check back here each week to see what is up with the rides. I will try to get the info posted by thursday nights as long as I don't get consumed by 1s and 0s at work.

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