Sunday, May 6, 2012

Training decimation

Ride to Half Moon Bay
Last weekend, Brian, Jessica and I did a different ride down to Half Moon Bay to camp and then return the next day. Here is a map:
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This ride was shorter than our training rides (only 30 miles), but more difficult and it is the exact same route we'll take for the first leg of AIDS/LifeCycle, except we'll go twice as far. What make it difficult is riding on Highway 1 which was awesome but also very steep and lots of cars. We rode our bikes down and met a friend who drove down with our tents. The ride there was about 85 degrees and sunny, but in the morning it was cold and foggy at higher elevations. Here are some pictures from Highway 1, a descent out of the fog, and my tent:

Paradise Loop

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This ride is pretty spectacular, actually all the rides are spectacular. You basically climb a hill and feel like death for a while, then you descent through forests and winding roads. All the stuff I have always enjoyed driving fast on, Im now riding my bike fast down.

Also I got a new bike called Captain America or Old Glory.

Here's Brian and I looking hard with 8k worth of bikes in our hands.

Finally, here's the ride I did today which was 75 miles of pure fear and terror interspersed with some awesome descents.

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This ride took me places that I've only driven to maybe... 4 times. And then we took HWY 1 which is an insane winding, extremely hilly road back. After stintson beach, it was just straight up hairpin climbing back to sausalito. There was one awesome descent where I tailgated some cars through muir woods, but damn that climb was rough.

So that was my first 75 mile ride. It was hard.

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  1. Excellent post, Georgio! Those stars and stripes must look glorious winding downhill. Ol' Glory will have some stories to tell when this journey is complete.