Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It is all over! I am writing this from my own computer in clarksville ohio at my parent's house after finally sleeping in a familiar place for the first time in two months. So, you may be saying to yourself "wait, I thought you guys had two days left not one?" That is correct! We ended up calling it quits in louisville yesterday. Yesterday morning we woke up to the sounds of rain pitter pattering on our tents after an extremely strange evening. We went about our usual routine of packing up our shit, and just as routine would serve... I had a mystery flat on my rear tire which I had just changed the tube the night before after I hit a rock. Mystery flats have been pissing me off extremely this entire trip, but this one sent me over the edge. We were out of tubes for a quick swap, I didn't even feel like bothering with patching it, so I turned to zach and was like "I'm done if you're done." Just so happens that Zach was feeling really nauseous and was about to say he didn't think he was going to be able to ride the rest of the miles anyway as the temperatures for the day were going to be the highest of the entire trip. Not to mention, his ass had been killing him for the past few days for some unknown reason. Basically everything was seemingly falling apart and it didn't take a lot of convincing at this point for us to throw in the towel. We decided we would at least try to ride 30 miles out of west point to the other side of louisville where we would chill at the vans skatepark and wait for my parent's to drive down and pick us up. I decided I didn't feel like fucking with my tire situation, so I just pumped it up and hoped it would still have air by the time we made it to louisville and I could buy some new tubes.

We hopped on our loaded ass bikes and slowly rode on to louisville. We were both pretty bummed as we had these grand visions of riding over the bridge to cincinncinati and rolling up to our favorite indian buffet and CRUSHING IT! But all in all, what does it really matter? We biked across the country. That is what we set out to do. We went from san francisco, to san diego, to austin, and now to louisville, which is 100 miles away from our original destination. We went about 3200 miles (I don't know exactly as I didn't get my odometer until halfway through the first leg) which I am extremely proud of. Cincinnati... louisville... same difference!

By the time we rolled in to louisville Zach said he was feeling completely awful and knew he wouldn't have made it anyway in his current condition. We still had a few hours to kill before my parent's would make it down to pick us up so we headed over to bardstown road to hang out for a bit and hit up some bike shops to get some tubes. We straight up headed to the most memorable building of both of our louisville past, the old BRYCC house where we have both seen countless punk and hardcore shows. That shit used to be one of the coolest DIY venues in the country in my opinion and we both used to drive down to louisville, to me what seemed like weekly, for shows. Honestly, I have only been to louisville a handful of times since that place got closed down, so you must know how bummed I felt when we rolled up and it was now a BW3's. WHAT THE FUCK LOUISVILLE?! Anyway, we milled around for a couple hours waiting for kashmir indian buffet to open so we would at least have a piece of our original vision. We crushed that shit, then headed over to the vans skatepark to wait to get picked up. Ps. vans skatepark isn't nearly as sweet as I remembered it from years ago when I used to drive down to skate it at 2am. Shit is straight up snoresville now.

So that's that! Our last day of the bike tour! Not quite as fulfilling as we would have liked, but I am not bummed it is over at this point haha. Shit got pretty difficult towards the end with our bodies giving up on us in the extreme heat and humidity. I'll be writing another post soon to sum up all of the highs and lows. I will also be uploading the photos from my camera so you can all bask in the visions of what my poorly contrived words have described this entire time. So stay tuned! this blog lives on!

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