Saturday, June 5, 2010

PINE BLUFF. the place to be

Greetings cowards.  Zach speaking.  Big day today.  Woke up in our bug covered hotel in Fordyce around 5:30am.. got on the road by 630 with the intention of riding 80 miles to Stuttgart but you know.. fuck that.  Rode 40 miles and quit at 10am here in Pine Bluff.  So what to do.. strolled a boring mall, went to the grocery, ate veggie burgers, and then went to see Get Him To The Greek.  It was alright.  It's hot out.  United States beat Australia today. FTW EDSON BUDDLE.  We did like the short shorts/cowboy boot combo on the girl at journeys.  Oh yeah.. we rode through Kingsland this morning which is the birth place of Johnny Cash for all you hillbillies and yokels who are interested in all that.  I personally prefer the walk the line soundtrack over his recordings but hey.. anyway I'm going to eat this cereal and ignore Brian for the rest of the night. XXX Arkansas straight edge

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