Saturday, June 5, 2010

To follow up..

When I finally rode into Austin, my body was just about done for.  I had clearly lost weight in that last week.. it was obvious in my face.  My appetite was totally gone.. most likely due to dehydration.  The last 45 miles to Austin took me like 8 hours.. stopping every ten minutes and dry heaving on the side of the road.  I pretty much felt like ending the ride.  I think it was a combination of terrible head winds, long stretches between towns for food and water, and Brian and I just being completely thrown off our routine (which up until that point was working flawlessly for me)  anywho.. after two days of rest and stuffing my face with food, pedialyte, water, and gatorade, I felt great and good to go again.  Our first day out of Austin was hot as all get out but short and smooth. The following days, however, were all big mile days since we were racing to get home by the 12th.. it turns out that my body just can't take that anymore.  I think I am again (or still) dehydrated a bit and it is still affecting my appetite.  I drink all I can but my body is pushing out sweat at an insane rate that doesn't even make sense to me and I just can't seem to keep up.  So there's my explanation for cutting down our miles per day and giving up on getting home for the world cup.  It is really frustrating to feel totally depleted after only 50 miles or so when just three weeks ago 100 felt fine but life goes on. It was nice of Brian to attempt to race home for something he doesn't give a fuck about but now maybe I can get over this shit and enjoy the rides again.  straight edge.

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