Saturday, June 2, 2012

And they're off!

Here we are, approximately 19 hours until we mount our bikes and ride like the dickens. Over hills so steep. On little sleep. With views so sweep(ing). We're heading to orientation at Cow Palace shortly to drop off our bikes, secure our tent assignments, and meet 2,800 fellow riders. The best part? Our alarms will go off at 3AM tomorrow. GOD HELP US. Sleepy-eyed, we will hug Lemmy farewell and climb into Pat's monster green van to get to Opening Ceremonies.

We'll be cycling for seven consecutive days, to the tune of 77 miles per day on average. During the rides, I expect to take breaks to fuel up on water, snacks, PB&J, and to take photos of this gorgeous state. I am hoping to get on the road early every day, so that I can finish before sundown and avoid the support vehicle (particularly on those 90+ mile days).

Looking forward to views as epic as the one below, which we snapped from the Headlands a few weeks back.

Also hoping that I won't have to change any flats. But if I do, I've studied Brian's how-to guide.

I'm aiming to write a post on here every day. So stay tuned and wish us luck! Pretty stoked for a week of riding and meeting folks on the road, for a great cause no less. All together, our team has raised nearly $20,000...and counting. Let's ride.

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