Sunday, July 27, 2014

DAY 2: Shelton > Elma

wooooo! we biked a whopping 35 miles today. due to us being ahead of schedule, we decided to take it easy one more day to ease in to this, seeing how none of us did any training.

today was a killer though. we woke up and got ready in the walmart bathroom. then we hung out with our meth RV friends who apparently don't sleep because they were up partying until 5am but then reappeared at 8 am with their chihauau puppy, cruiser. I chatted with another parking lot character who popped over from his massive bounder RV who told us he did the ride we did 15 years ago when he was 50. anyway, point being... you meet all kinda of characters when you sleep at Walmart in a tent.

after hitting the road we had a decent amount of claiming to get out of Shelton. none of it was really steep so it was no problem. we quickly learned that Shelton is the chihauau capital of the world or something because every house we passed we were berated with the shrieking sound of micro-dog howls.

we pushed on about 18 miles before we pulled off at lost lake and took a dip and are lunch on the rock beach. we made friends with a couple of fisher dudes.

it wasn't long after that when we made it to our destination town of elma around 2:30pm. we rolled up on three different camping options that either more money than we wanted to pay, or weren't open for check in until 5pm. with that said we went to explore the few blocks of elma and landed in a tourist diner (but there were no tourists other than us).

we hung out at the diner for as long as we could just to get out of the heat. it was near 90 today. when 5 pm rolled around we headed up to check out this hostel we heard let bikers camp in their yard.

sure enough, they did. the price was still a bit higher than we wanted to pay, but the place offered use of their kitchen, a living room and two bathrooms for us to use. also, it is home to a world renowned frisbee golf course haha. we set up our shit and in now time out host jay came out and coerced us in to a frisbee gold lesson. so we got a grand tour of his course and got to play a bit of frisbee golf. so all in all, the hostel was worth it.

tomorrow we are up and off to toledo Washington. it should be our first real day of actual riding. stay tuned!


  1. The first rule of Frisbee Golf is calling it Disc Golf. Once you get that down, hit me up and let's go play.