Thursday, July 31, 2014

DAY 5: Carhlamet to Seaside

goodbye Washington! we crossed our first state line of the trip, and I have to say that today was a pretty epic day. probably the best of the trip. 

we woke up and had breakfast with our delightful host Gerald. after chatting with him for a bit he took some nice photos of us and then we went off on the road. we started off missing our turn and biked a mile up a big ass hill before we realized we were idiots. we promptly turned around and popped across the bridge from cathlamet to the little island next door where we caught a ferry to Westport or. the ferry ride was like 10 minutes or less, but it was nice. 

we were all dragging pretty hard and feeling rough. this became apparent when we stopped 5 miles in to the journey and stalled for a while because no one wanted to keep riding haha. but whatever, we hopped on and immediately encountered the longest hill of our trip this far. it was a 2 mile 800 foot climb that took about a half hour. luckily it wasn't too steep, but it is really boring going 4 mph for a half hour straight while trying your hardest to forget your legs feel like they might explode. 

anyway, we got to the top of that hill and there was a grand view of where we had just come from in Washington. then of course there was a nasty descent. anyway, we hit like two more of those hills over the next 20 miles before rolling in to astoria where we hit a bike shop to fix up matt and tod's bikes. matt got fixed, tod did not. doof. (tod is in search of a different crankset in case anyone was wondering or cares)

after having a late lunch and sitting there for like 2.5 hours pretending we didn't have 20 more miles to ride, we finally got off our asses and back on the bikes. we all felt like we might die.

getting out of astoria was a bit tricky. our maps basically became a guessing game from astoria on leading us on roads none of if could find. we popped over a couple of bridges and faced some shitty head winds before making it to my favorite roads of the trip. we followed along the Lewis and clark trail roads which were pretty untraveled by cars which was great after being on freeways all day. eventually we stumbled upon an old gravel logging road that was heading our direction so we went for it. this was awesome. we didn't have to deal with other cars, just raging all over the road having a great time. 

after the gravel road we had one of the best descents of my life in to seaside. it was just the right amount of curvey where you didn't need to use your breaks at all. 

so now we are hold up in an awesome house in seaside that is another great warmshowers.comhook up. this guy Neil, who none of us have met, is out of town and is letting us have free reign over his house while he is gone. what a great dude. 

anyway, we have a day off tomorrow and a nice place to stay after a sick ride. shit is supreme. 

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