Monday, July 21, 2014


Oof! Long time no post. So it is all happening again! Deadly Rigs is hitting the road again this weekend. Myself and some other familiar characters from this blog will be biking from seattle to san francisco.

This crew is rolling pretty deep... It is definitely the largest number of people I've ever toured with on a non-supported tour so it should prove to be chock-full of all kinds of exciting new mishaps. Four of us are doing the entire trip, but we will be rolling 10 deep at various points. Should be nuts.

Anyway, here is a link to check out our general route:

I'm hitting the skies with matt kosoy on thursday evening to fly to seattle (where we will be starting). We'll be meeting up with pat crawford, george murray, and tod seelie for the first portion of the trip. We don't actually start riding until saturday, but make sure to check back often for updates! I am hoping to post every day. Hopefully, others on the trip will do the same.


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