Monday, July 28, 2014

DAY 3: Elma > Toledo

Hot hot hot! holy shit it was hot today. it reminded me of some of the shitty days I spent biking through Nashville. we biked about 65 miles today, which was pretty challenging thanks to the heat. keeping hydrated was a full time job.

anyway, we headed out of elma around 9am this morning. for the first 40 miles today it was pretty much completely flat. we steam rolled it pelotone style and made it to centralia in no time. after a decent lunch break, we rolled out again to crush the last 20 or so miles which were the best looking of the day, but also by far the hardest. we had 3 pretty massive climbs which were made much worse by the brutal heat. I am not even sure how hot it was, but it was ridiculous and we were all pouring sweat.

in spite of the hills being pretty brutal, we got some dope views of mt. rainier and mt St. Helens. coming in to toledo we had a really great view of both peaks.

however, before that happened, we stopped at a little deli in Franklin and the nice people there filled all of our water bottles and cut up a free watermon for us! thanks lizzy!

anyway, we ended up in toledo for the evening and matt cooked like 500 brats for everyone to eat (while I are hummus... again... thanks for the options Washington!). now we are all exhausted and I'm going to sleep.

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