Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DAY 4: Toledo to cathlamet

wiiiiiiind! today was out first (and hopefully last) real bout with head winds. our day started out pretty chill. we rode the first 20 miles or so through pretty flat farm land. then we rolled up on a town called castle rock which I couldn't help but keep talking about lannisters.

not long after departing castle rock we got in to a series of long, but not too steep, climbs. so all in all they weren't too bad. they also came with great views of rainier and St. Helens. this semi mountainous area went on for about 15 miles or something until we reached the Columbia river.

after a brief stop for lunch, we went on to crush our last 20 miles which was on a fairly busy rode along the Columbia. unfortunately we had a pretty brutal head wind pushing us back the entire 20 miles. there were also 4 obnoxious climbs on this road that we weren't really expecting. all in all, I was a really beautiful stretch of road. I also got to participate in my first road side shit today. really invigorating...

anyway, we made it to our destination of cathlamet around 6pm and met up with our host Gerald who I contacted through warmshowers.org. he hadn't been receiving my text messages so we kind of surprised him because he never got confirmation from me that we were actually coming. none the less, he welcomed us and hooked us up with a great camping spot right on the river.

it took about 20 minutes before we all hopped in the Columbia to cool off. then matt and Gerald went on a cooking spree making tacos and a ton of other shit.

all in all, a really fun day with some tough spots. thanks again to Gerald for making our night just as sick! I gotta go eat some corn on the cob then get to sleep. we are off to Oregon tomorrow.

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