Friday, August 1, 2014

DAY 6 & 7: Seaside to Cape Lookout

yesterday we had a day off in seaside so I didn't feel like posting. I'll just give a quick recap of what went down. we woke up, tod and I spent most of the day at a bike shop sorting out a more appropriate crankset for his bike. as soon as we had success matt called me to tell me he broke his brake lever. I got mad then we ate food and George slept in his bike pants. one last shout out to our dude Neil who hooked up our salvation day off.

this morning we got up and rolled out around 8:30am to head to cannon beach to get matts bike fixed at a bike shop there. he took off early to try to get it done before we got there, riding there with only a front brake because his rear was broken. we got there shortly after him and tod ended up having them take a stab at fixing his shifting issues.

while all of that was going down we chewed down on donuts. after everyone's bikes were in order we took a lovely stroll down cannon beach to check out goodies rock. this spot is one of my favorite places.

we dicked around there for like 3 hours. which was way too long, and we then had to kind of crush it the rest of the day. we had 3 brutal climbs that all ended in great ocean views. as we were pulling up for lunch a random bike tour stranger rolled up and I invited him to have lunch with us. this dudes name is jan and he is pretty tight. he had lunch with is then ended up riding with us the rest of the day and is now camping with us. he might even stick with us tomorrow. he has been biking for 9 weeks and started in New York, went through parts of Canada and is now rocking down the coast. he is in way better shape than us haha.

anyway, we saw a ton of sick shit today. the ride was pretty challenging with hills and a stretch of brutal head winds. but we still managed to make it to our camp site by 7pm even after fucking around for 3 hours at cannon beach. ps. this camp site is the coolest we have been at yet.


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