Thursday, August 7, 2014

DAY 13: Bookings to Jedidiah Smith National Park

today doesn't even really count as a day. we only biked 30 miles and it was pretty much uninteresting. due to the day being so short, no one was in a hurry to leave the camp site. we didn't get out of there until about 11am.

after a couple of quick errands in bookings, we hit the road with a vengeance. we were all riding pretty hard just to get the ride over with. there weren't really any climbs or sick views to take it. just a fairly standard ride for the most part.

however, there were a few highlights. we crossed the California state line! those of us who live in SF were pretty stoked to be in our home state. a second highlight was that we hit our first burrito stand, which was in smith river. thank you California! however, the best part of the day came within literally the last mile of the ride when we encountered our first massive redwoods. we are now camping in those redwoods at jedediah smith state park with a crystal clear river that we hopped in right upon our arrival.

tomorrow is a big trip milestone. we have a day off from riding (sort of, we have to bike 9 miles to crescent city), but 5 more people are flying in to join the group. my wife Jessica, Matt's wife ZABAH, Charlie, Julia, and jason will all be joining us. shit is about to get wild and complicated all at the same time! red woods, here we come.

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