Monday, August 4, 2014

DAY 10: Florence to Chatleston

today was one of the worse days I would have to say. we got up and slowly mobilized p get out of our camp site (which was an awesome spot). we didn't hit the road until close to 10am. the first 20 or so miles were super easy with a tail wind. then we stopped in reedsport for lunch, and let me tell ya, that is not a destination location.

for whatever reason, our entire group was completely exhausted and almost fell asleep at the lunch spot. not to mention, for some dumb ass reason I decided to get subway for lunch which was basically barely food. I though that maybe if I ordered it with avocado that it would provide some sort of nutritional value. however, they no longer bother using real avocados anymore, instead they use and ice cream scoop to plop some sort of neon green toxic sludge all over the plasticy vegetables. point being, my lunch was probably as nutritional as eating the paper they wrapped it in.

upon exiting reeds port we hit our biggest climb of the day. due to my meal being a complete waste of precious chewing energy, I started to bonk right away and had to pull over to down a quarter sin dawg to bring me back to life.

anyway, the day drug on... we stopped in dumb places and sat around for too long at said places and it eventually got really foggy and cold by the last 8 miles of our ride through middle Oregon redneck wonder land. upon landing in charleston we were greeted with some sort of redneck greeting where multiple people screamed obscenities at eachother while racing away yelling from their seats in the bed of their pickup truck. I the. picked up a copy of the local paper which is just riddled with the most depressing murder / human disgust stories you have ever read. needless to say, I don't feel the need to return to charleston Oregon.

on a positive note! I forgot to mention that we stopped at some killer sand dunes where we all got out and raged. matt did some sick front flips. also, jan is still riding with us. he has been with us for 3 or 4 days now. he rules. it is pretty funny to think that we met him randomly at a grocery store and now he is a regular member of our group haha.

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