Saturday, August 16, 2014

DAY 22: Leggett to Little River

I just want to start this post off by saying we are camped at van damme state beach. I might have routes us here on purpose so we could get rowdy and practice our round house kicks.

today was back on track with being really sick. we started off doing the last two large climbs of the trip. the first one was about 1200 ft but it was pretty mellow. we had been hearing about the smoke from the forest fires for days and we experiences it a little bit on this climb. we could see it and smell it, but it wasn't too bad. this climb lead to a really awesome and looong descent that took us back to a much cooler climate which we were happy about.

not long after the descent we started our last over 600 ft climb of the trip. it was over before we knew it and descended to the ocean which was an awesome site. the red woods were really incredible to bike through, but I definitely missed majestic ocean cliffs.

the rest of the day was pretty foggy and we stopped briefly in Westport for lunch. pat had broken 2 spokes and was in desperate need of a bike shop so he Joel and I peeled off from the group to crush the next 16 miles to fort Bragg. those 16 were unexpectedly brutal. lots of steep ups and downs reminiscent of big sir roads along with zero shoulder. the roads were tough, but the views were great.

we made it to fort Bragg cycles around 2:30 and they hooked it up right. about 2 hours later pats bike was up and running normal again and we pushed on in to Mendocino to grab some groceries before heading to little river to get all van damme up in the place.

it feels good to have all of the mega hills behind us. 3 days to go!

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