Saturday, August 2, 2014

DAY 8: Cape Lookout to Newport

holy shit, today was tough. I don't know what my problem was when I was making the route for today, but I fucked it up. not only was today out longest day (about 70 miles), it was also one of the worst climbing days haha.

we left cape lookout this morning around our usual 9:30am. immediately we had an 800ft climb that took about 45 minutes or so. by the time we got to the top I was already feeling worked. of course this climb lead to a mega descent. I started the descent by hitting a giant pot hole at 35 mph which sent my solar charger and sleeping matt crashing to the pavement. I am going to go ahead and plug my solar charger now... it has been amazing. it has kept my phone charged every day and even charged other peoples shit. not to mention, it slammed in to the pavement today and still works like a charm. it is a joos orange for anyone who was wondering.

anyway, the day went on, we had a handful of brutal climbs and I felt completely dead on all of them. probably Lu the hardest part of the day for me was a stretch of road that went around devils lake. it was never ending rollers that were just a bit too high and steep to actually keep any momentum. it was just exhausting.

anyway, just when I was feeling completely worked... we made it to a road called otter rock or some shit? this waste highlight of the day. it was a one lane road that climbed up through the forest and had a grand lookout at the top where we saw some whales. this part of the day restored my energy and gave me a second wind to bike the remaining 15 miles in to camp.

after stopping to grab groceries, we were heading out of Newport to our camp spot Biking over the Newport bridge when a car drives by with someone hanging out the window yelling my name. my friend camron from Columbus just happened to be out here on vacation and knew I was out here from Instagram so he had been keeping an eye out for our group. sure enough, he happened to find us. pretty awesome.

anyway, today was hard, but the scenery gets better and better each day. tomorrow we are heading in to the dunes.

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