Friday, August 15, 2014

DAY 21: Meyers Flat to Leggett

today was a pretty tough day. maybe it is because yesterday was so relaxing that we forgot how to be brutal, but everyone was feeling pretty ragged today.

the entire ride today was a gradual climb. the first 20 miles weren't bad, and we rushed to redway to try to get some bike maintenance done. however, we showed up and were created by a sign saying the shop would be closed until 3:30 because the shop guy took his kids to the fair. DOOF! we were there at 11:30. we had to make the decision to push on and hope to hit the next bike shop tomorrow.

since that shop was closed, we decided to have lunch in the next town, garberville. garberville is some kind of hippie megaplex. there were oogles everywhere and head shops on every corner. some dude even came up and gave matt weed. it was ridiculous. while we were having lunch Julia's mom rolled in to pick her up. we said our goodbyes, went to the grocery, then hit the road again.

our lunch was about 2 hours long due to all of the running around we did. this two hours was just long enough to put everyone in a borderline comatose state. we were all so tired for some reason but we had to hardest half of the day left. we trudged up and down 300 ft rollers for the next 23 miles and took turns nearly bonking.

all in all, today was a fairly boring day. we went through some red woods and saw some rivers... but overall was one of the least exciting days of the whole trip.

first thing in the morning tomorrow we have our last major climb of the trip out of leggett. after that it should be fairly smooth sailing back to San Francisco. four days left!

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