Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DAY 19: Petrolia to Weott

I will preface this by saying that George and I only rode half the day today. Jessica, jason, and tod all dropped off the trip this morning which was a bummer. however, Joel has now joined us in their place.

Joel showed up to meet us around 9:30am after driving since 4am. he immediately got out of the car and started getting ready while I loaded his car with bikes and bags. we came up with the grand idea that Jessica, jason could carry everyone's shit to the next camp site so that everyone could ride unloaded bikes up the massive climb out of the lost coast. however, someone needed to go with all of the stuff to the camp site since Jessica and jason were heading home after. I had no problem volunteering myself to skip that hill, then George decided to hop in the car as well.

after getting everything loaded up everyone hopped on their now lighter bikes and rolled out. those of us in the car left shortly after and passed them on the road. the drive was awesome. the lost coast is a pretty awesome place to check out if you are up this way. after goon over the huge hill you descend in to one of the coolest roads I have ever seen. it is a narrow one lane road cutting closely through giant red wood trees. it was awesome and it was at that moment I regretted being in the car even though we got out and went for a short hike.

we soon turned on to avenue of the giants right in the thick of the red woods and my regrets grew because this stretch of road was the primary reason I scheduled this trip in the first place. so after a quick drop off at the campsite George and I decided to set up our tents and out everyone's shit in them and hop on our bikes to ride back and meet the crew.

this made the day completely worth it and settled my regret. we made it back to the awesome one lane road and biked down it for a couple of miles before rounding a corner to find the crew. it actually worked out great because George and I ended up biking / driving down the best roads 3 times. it was an awesome day and I ended up biking 20 miles even after riding in the car for most of the day.

so in summary... the lost coast was really awesome and worth the struggle. the first half of it was a soul crushing ride, but those who rode the second half said it wasn't nearly as bad as the first half. so if you are up for the challenge, or in a car, definitely don't skip the lost coast.

tomorrow we have a day off. I may or may not tell you about it. but for now, night night.

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