Monday, August 18, 2014

DAY 24: Salt Point to Samuel P Taylor

this is it. this is the end. we are camped at Samuel p taylor state park a mere 40ish miles from home. this is the last night of camping. it is actually really weird that we are camped here because this is a spot I have biked to many times from home and then turned around and biked home in one shot. now I'm sleeping here so close to home.

we did about 68 miles today which were no easy task. basically since we got on US 1 we have been going up and down medium sized hills nonstop which is so exhausting. today was no different except the hills were a bit bigger. however, along with the big hills come great views and great descents. the descent right outside Jenner today was one of the coolest ones of the trip. it was riddled with huge switch backs that wrapped around the landscape. Charlie and I stopped at the top to watch Joel snake around the turns. it was awesome.

once we hit Jenner things started looking really familiar. this area is where we started getting in to familiar car trip area. as we reached tomales bay we started getting in to familiar bike territory. the stretch just before and after tomales was by far the hardest of the day. we had about an 18 mph head wind and some really steep hills for about 10 miles.

I was feeling pretty rough after that stretch, but as soon as we got in to familiar biking territory it became so real that home was so close and I got a huge energy burst. I don't know what happened to George as well, but he was feeling it too and we absolutely crushed the 16 miles between tomales and point Reyes.

once the posse rallied at point Reyes it was cold as shit so we tried to get in and out as fast as possible. in the meantime, pat rode up to the camp site from his apartment on a different bike and got us squared away.

we had 7 miles to go from point Reyes to camp and I broke my chain again... I popped a quick link in and we crushed the last few miles through the woods on the Samuel p bike path to meet up with pat. it was good seeing pat, but a bummer he missed riding with us today. at least he will be there to cross the bridge together.

anyway, tomorrow is going to be a joke of a day of riding. we will be riding a route I have ridden countless times easily rolling in to home. The hardest part of tomorrow will be carrying my bike up to stairs when I get to my apartment.

dear Jessica and lemmy, I'm coming for you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for posting this blog, Brian. I really enjoyed following along with all of you. You are my heroes.

  2. Great job BRIAN !!! I'm sure that Jessica and Lemmy will be just as happy to see you as you will be to see them

  3. Took me almost 30 minutes to successfully post a comment here - LOL

  4. Loved reading your daily blogs and viewing some very interesting photos !