Sunday, August 3, 2014

DAY 9: Newport to Florence

today was a total refresher after yesterday's crusher. I would say that today was my favorite day of the trip thus far.

the first half of the day was fairly uneventful scenery, but it was the first time in a while that we could just ride on a fairly flat road and kill it. the first 23 miles were flat and accompanied by a raging tail wind. we were crushing it at close to 20 mph for the whole first stretch. it was just what we needed to get the day going.

after our warm up we passed through a town named Waldorf or some shit, and that is where things started poppin off. we pretty much immediately started climbing through some ridiculous cliff side roads overlooking crazy views which reminded me a lot of big sur. this stretch was probably the most scenic of the entire trip. it went on for about 20 miles of big ups and downs. it was awesome.

after that we descended in to the Florence area. we stopped by some wooden wizard statue and everyone got wild looking donuts from this store and the store lady told us there is a carnivorous plant swamp right down the street from where we were. so we checked that out. there were tons of those little eaters. we joked that we should have camped there because there probably wouldn't be many bugs.

annnnyyyywaaay, we checked that out then felt hungry so we got groceries before heading in to camp at honeyman memorial state park. just so happens, this is the best place we have camped on the trip to end the best day. this camp site has it all. laundry, showers, water... and the hiker biker area is super secluded so it doesn't feel like we are in a camp site.

anyway, today was sick. tomorrow we are going through some brutal sand dunes. I sleep now.

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