Monday, August 11, 2014

DAY 17: McKinleyville to Ferndale

I'll start this post by saying this was supposed to be a 50 mile
day but I totally read our map wrong and we ended up only doing 40 miles. good for us! today was one of the less eventful days. we biked through 3 larger cities: McKinleyville, Arcata, and Eureka. Arcata was a pretty cool little hippie town. the other two were kind of boring standard towns. eureka was totally filled with scum bags.

the scenery was very much farm land whenever we weren't in a city. some people in the group thought it was cool. hardy and I were both just kind of like "whatever, this is basically where we grew up."

we met up with tods friend Katherine in eureka and she decided to ride with us to ferndale which was cool. ferndale is a much cooler town than I thought it was going to be. it is like a time warp town that looks like it was made in the 50s. our camp spot for the night is also at a fairground parking lot, which I thought was going to be terrible. however, it turns out we have a huge grass field to ourselves and there are showers across the street that are free and hot. also, the camp hosts are great and gave us a barrel to light a fire in and free fire wood to burn in it. this spot turned out to be a really awesome camp night. also, two other groups of cyclists have met up with us for the evening which is cool.

tomorrow we start the lost coast which will be the most difficult leg of the tour. we most likely won't have service for a couple of days, so this might be it for a minute.

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