Sunday, August 10, 2014

Elk & Tuna Melts

We rolled out around 10am, with a fairly easy day ahead of us. Thirty-some miles and not many hills.

Sabah really wanted to see some elk. Less than a mile outside if the last night's campgrounds, Brian spotted one tiny, distant brown head in a field of gold. We paused and eventually saw five more elk, including a few babies. Cuties.

Maybe 10 miles later, we saw an entire field full of them. At least fifty! They didn't really pay much attention to us as we marveled. The way they chewed made me think of Lemmy.

On we went to Trinidad, our lunchtime destination. En route we caught some gorgeous views above the coastline, looking down on jagged rocks jutting out of the ocean.

I had suggested lunch at Trinidad Bay Eatery, a great diner my friend Trace and I found on a road trip several years back. The tuna melt is still delicious. The place is a block from a lighthouse on a cliff. Unfortunately the fog was pea soup around that time, so our view was limited. But it was nice to have a warm sit-down lunch (other than sitting down on the curb of a gas staton grocery store).

It was only 5 miles to camp after that, so we got groceries and rode along a sketchy path full of potholes and gravel. I was not a fan, but it led to some epic views.

Now we are here at Clam Beach, camping for the night. It is on the beach, but there's not a clam in sight. The neighboring girls, Molly and Pippin, did seem to find 70 nails in the sand around our campfire though. Huh.

Time for bed! Tomorrow we bike to Ferndale.

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