Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DAY 11: Charleston to Port Orford

today was another one of my favorites. however, this morning we had to deal with shitty charleston leftovers. first of all, I want to say our camp spot was pretty awesome last night by pure accident. we basically camped in the campsites party area where all of the picnic tables and grills and shit are. since it was extremely wet last night half of us moved the picnic tables out of the covered area and just camped under the roof. it was pretty cool. we had big kitchen sink, tons of power outlets and the bathrooms with showers were connected to put party Zone.

anyway, we woke up this morning and there were slugs everywhere. I mean like hundreds of slugs. they were on our tents, in George's shoes... matt stepped on one and it exploded. it was ridiculous. it was also super cold. we were shivering as we packed up our stuff.

however, not long after we rolled out we headed inland and it immediately got warmer. we started the day off on the dreaded 7 devils road which is known for its seven shitty hills. this shit had been hyped up to us by multiple people at hiker biker sites over the past few days, but honestly, I was pretty easy. lots of rollers, but not even that bad. we enjoyed it.

we stopped in at a diner in bandon for lunch because we were making such good time. after having lunch we rolled out for the last half of the day. we had great tail winds all day and crushed the final 30 or so miles. we stocked up food in port orford then had 6 miles to bike to our campsite at humbug mountain state park. these 6 miles made the whole day. we bikes through pretty hilly ocean cliff landscapes that may have been the best we have seen yet. these cliffs were massive and the view was super clear and went on forever across the ocean. this stretch is what made me finally say the Oregon coast is more beautiful than the California coast.

now it is time to sleep. hopefully tomorrow picks up where today left off.

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  1. Told you that the Oregon Coast was my all time favorite area!