Monday, August 11, 2014

Destination: Ferndale

Today's ride was mostly flat, about 40 miles. The morning started off very cold and very damp. By lunchtime in Eureka, the sun was shining all over my veggie kabob plate.

The ride was fun, but not as scenic as previous days. Much of the route was along the 101. When we got into Ferndale, we were greeted by a lovely Main Street, complete with a pie and ice cream shop! Needless to say, Brian bought an entire pie. Strawberry rhubarb.

We are camping at the Ferndale fairgrounds tonight. Their county fair is in a few days and the vendors are rolling in, so they put us across the street in a large, open field and also gave us a large barrel and stacks of wood to make a fire. There are a bunch of other cyclists here tonight too, some from SF.

Tomorrow we start on the Lost Coast, which is supposed to be gorgeous. Going to rest up for those hills...

Also, RIP Robin Williams. He was an avid Bay Area cyclist too. One time maybe five years ago, Brian, Sabah and I were at a play in NYC. We had just been talking about celebrities when we looked over and saw Mr. Williams.

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