Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DAY 12: Port Orford to Bookings

Oregon just won't quit. each day is more ridiculous looking than the next. we rolled out of port orford around 10am and immediately started our trend of endless climbing for the day. of course, with most climbs, the views were out of hand.

we started out on the coast which looked awesome. then we went inland for a while ripping through big ass pine trees on a really desolate road. this road ended along the rogue river which took us in to gold beach where we had lunch.

right after gold beach we started climbing a massive hill. one of the biggest ones of the trip. however, this is where the views really upped the ante. the climb was actually pretty weak on the view front, but the first descent opened up in to huge cliffs on both sides of us overlooking bright blue ocean with enormous pointy rocks the size of sky scrapers blasting out of the water. it was unreal. I was also descending at 45 mph which was awesome.

the rest of the day was much of the same. we climbed 4 more large hills with ridiculous views until finally descending in to bookings where we are camped Harris beach state park, which of course, had an amazing view as we pulled in.

so yeah, all in all, today was super exhausting with all of the climbing, but it was worth it. today marks the halfway point for the trip. tomorrow we cross the border in to California. the next day we have a day off and 5 more people will be joining us. things are about to get wild as hell.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Makes me want to move to Oregon.