Sunday, August 10, 2014

Joining the Ride

We're here! "We" includes Sabah, Hardy, Charlie and Julia, bringing Deadly Rigs to a crew of ten. Things got off to a rocky start when approximately 12 hours before we were scheduled to fly from San Francisco to Crescent City to join the bike tour, United Airlines sent me a text saying that our flight was CANCELLED.

I called them only to hear that the flight later that day was full, as was Saturday. So after a dozen phone calls and texts between our group, we ended up renting two cars and driving 6.5 hours up to Crescent City. (Thanks Hardyman for driving the whole way.) We met the guys at a motel, put our bikes together, and did a grocery run. Charlie ate the largest frozen Shepherd's Pie known to man.

Saturday morning we rolled out and encountered some really long but not super steep hills. I was on my carbon fiber bike, with not much weighing it down. For that I have to thank my husband and sherpa Brian for carrying most of my stuff on his tank of a bicycle! Everyone had far heavier frames than I did, but they all crushed it. Well done.

The fog was especially gorgeous earlier in the day. And the farther we biked, the more redwoods we encountered. We only went 34 miles today, but it was a lot of uphill. Just before lunch, we made an obligatory stop to see our ol' friends Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

Once we set up at camp, where guest star Margaret Seelie met up with us for the night, some of us went on a really beautiful hike right around the campgrounds.

Sabah taught me six things you can learn from the redwoods, e.g. have a thick skin. Their bark is 6-12" thick and has tannic acid to help the trees resist fire. Neat.

Had a nice fire to round out the day, complete with Nutter Butters and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. An ember flew into George's beer, which I suppose was a better place for it than on his silk pajama pants.

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