Saturday, August 9, 2014

DAYS 14 & 15: Crescent City to Elk Prairie Campground

big time post delay. we had a say off yesterday in crescent city, but it was actually pretty hectic so I didn't get a chance to make a post. now we are in the middle of the red woods so this post won't go through until tomorrow at some point.

anyway, we had a day off yesterday, which wasn't entirely a day off since we had to bike 9 miles over a big ass hill to get from jedediah smith to crescent city. I woke up at my normal 6:30am having to sprint to the bathroom to take care of business. since I was up I decided to just head in to crescent city early and get things done.

I hit the road around 10 and made it to crescent city by 11 to pick up Jessica's bike at the mail place where she shipped it. after getting it together I left it there and bike to the hotel to check in and then walked back to get Jessica's bike.

by the time I got back to the hotel the rest of the crew was assembled and ready to do laundry. I was pretty stoked to open my hazmat bag of clothing and get them sorted out.

oh shit, I completely forgot to mention the craziest part. so 5 people were going to fly to crescent city to meet us. but those 5 people were all on the same flight from SFO to crescent city. turns out they found out around 10pm the night before that their flight was cancelled! shit! so after a few late night conference calls we all worked out a plan that that whole crew would rent two cars and drive 6.5 hours to crescent city. anyway, that is what happened. crisis averted.

so back I what I was saying. not long after laundry our new riders started rolling in to town which basically meant we had to put 4 bikes together and get everyone to the grocery before we had to get to sleep. needless to say, it was a pretty hectic night and a pretty exhausting day off.

on to today! we suprisingly got up and out the door with 10 people by 9:30. we had a few last minute bike fixes to address, but in general everyone's shit worked well today.

we started the day off proper by tackling the hyped up crescent city hill that we had heard from multiple people they prefer to hitch hike up. all ten of us crushed it no problem. that hill is long, but overhyped.

the climb brought us in to the proper red woods which was grand. we also were ascending in to a fog cloud which was really ominous and cool. once we got to the top we began our big ass descent which ended at trees of mystery with Paul Bunyan and babe the blue ox.

a few miles later we had lunch in Klamath which was fairly uneventful. then after lunch we hit giant climb number two which most people thought was harder than the hyped up 1200 ft climb. after we conquered it, the rest of the day was an easy descent through massive red woods to elk prairie campground. this is a pretty awesome campground which has some really cool hiking trails with which we partook.

it is nice to have some new faces on the ride. all of the old faces are revitalized to have new company. I'm happy to see jessica after being apart for the longest time since we started dating. good day. crushed it. in tired. night night.

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