Saturday, March 20, 2010

counting down..

so less than three weeks before we fly out west to get this started. feeling less and less nervous after every ride i take but well aware i havent faced the winds and climbs that we're going to hit on the daily. today my grandma made it home from the hospital so i made the ride to milford to visit and then back to my brothers. ride there was super hilly w/ heavy traffic and no shoulder. tight roped the lane line the best i could but still managed to piss a few off.. may need to learn to keep my finger in my pocket on this tour. nobody wants to get smashed up by some texas good ol' boys.. anyway, 34 miles in all and the hills that buggered me and brian just last week feel easier already.

fetching groceries w/ my panniers yesterday, i decided to go ahead and get front panniers as well. dont like the feel of the bike at all with all the weight in the back. feel like that shit will get squirelly for sure. brian doesnt want to hear that mess but i just dont like it ok?!

got a letter in the mail confirming my unemployment which i was banking on for this trip. FEELS GOOD.

OK.. well need to get some rest.. tomorrow morning is United v Liverpool get the f in.


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