Wednesday, March 10, 2010


All right, so zach started this bog so that we can post shit about our bike trip. However, thus far we have not posted anything to it. So here comes the first post!

I suppose for a quick rundown of what's up... Zach, lenora, and I are going to bike across the country. Well, zach and I are going to bike ALL the way across while lenora will be joining us for a large portion of the trip.

There are basically 3 legs of the trip with a few goals in mind.

here are the legs:
Leg 1: april 16th - may 2nd // San Francisco to San Diego (Zach + Brian + some lenora)
Leg 2: may 2nd - may 27th // San Diego to Austin for chaos in tejas (Zach + Lenora + Brian)
leg 3: may 30th - june 16th Austin to Cincinnati (Zach + Brian)

here are goals:
A) make it to austin by may 27th for chaos in tejas (WE BETTER)
B) make it back to ohio by june 16th so I can fly to philly for a wedding
C) I guess survive

So those are the basics of the trip... with all of that said... I half ass started training today. Only got to ride a whopping 7 miles around clarksville ohio. However, I managed to do it in like 25 minutes up and down some decent hills (which made me huff and puff haha). Anyway... I weighed myself earlier to see that I currently weigh 183 lbs before starting training... I am curious to see if I actually lose any weight or if it just transfers to more heavy ass muscles in my legs. I will probably end up weighing more after this whole trip fiasco.

Anyway... I am scatter brained right now. I will post something that is maybe slightly interesting soon (maybe).

Oh yeah, I got my panniers, rack and some other bullshit. My rig is basically ready to go. Here is a picture:


  1. niiiiiice rig brian! don't cry too hard when you dump it...

    and remember training is like money, you don't need alot of it but it sure makes things easier :-P

  2. there will be no such dumping!

    Yeah, I am not training super hard or anything. I bike every day as is. Mostly just want to put some miles on my bike I just built to make sure it doesn't fall apart on me as soon as we start haha.