Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Training update

killin this trail

A couple of days ago zach and I rode from cinci to my parent's house in clarksville. This was basically just the opposite way as the ride I took the day before. Anyway, I am not sure if we were just tired from the day before, but this ride seemed a bit more tiring than the way down. I think it was probably more uphill on the way back than down, also it was like 39 degrees out and we were all layered up and shit. Also, shit got real dumb once we got off the bike trail and had to bike up all the hills around fort ancient. We were already pretty faded by the time we got off the trail, so hitting those hills killed us. One of them was so steep we ended up getting off and walking the bikes (which I am not sure if it sucked more or less).

Due to me getting kind of tired by the end of the trip down to cinci, we decided to try taking a break in the middle and see if that made things easier toward the end. However, our break may have actually back fired on us because it was so damn cold. We stopped to eat lunch about 2 hours in to the ride but it was not quite the relaxing stop we had hoped for as we spent the entire time freezing our asses off and stiffening up. We sat and ate for maybe 15 minutes until we couldn't bare the cold anymore and just started riding again. At this point my finger tips felt like they were going to fall off. I feel like that particular weather is the worst shit to ride in. It isn't quite warm enough that you don't want to wear multiple layers... but it isn't quite cold enough that you don't sweat your ass off. Halfway through the ride I was feeling pretty warm and good... but then by the end I was so drenched with sweat that I was cold again because I was soaking wet.

By the end of the ride (and after all the bullshit hills at fort ancient) we were both pretty exhausted. After making it to my parent's house and sitting still for a minute I was feeling pretty all right and could have ridden some more... however, poor little zach hasn't ridden as much as me in recent months so he was feeling a bit sore. On that note here is a picture of zach eating my dust:

zach eating my dust

I think that is about it for now. I'm about to go to mexico for a few days then get back at it. I leave you with some lovely pictures of bikes:

my rig:

zach's rig (yeah he wants to be just like me):

here is a cow:
found a muppet

here is our route:,-84.204145&sspn=0.502898,0.462799&ie=UTF8&ll=39.310925,-84.199219&spn=1.00516,0.925598&z=10&lci=bike


  1. nice work fellas, i'm enjoying this blog brian keep it up. at least you wont have to worry about freezing temps out in cali!

    looking at your mileage and stuff...looks pretty superhuman! SF through big sur up until gaviota is hilly to say the least. but i'm sure if you don't get all those miles you'll make it up in socal.

  2. we have loads of extra days in cali.. that itinerary is not entirely accurate. dreading those early climbs. --zach

  3. I love Brian's face in that pic!! You guys should hit some hills in SF to get a taste before leaving here. Hills are the fucking worst!!

  4. WAIT!! Why are neither of you wearing helmets!!

  5. the hills around my parent's house, and in cinci are pretty similar to san fran hills. Steep as shit and long.

    As for the helmets... Zach was waiting for his helmet to come in the mail haha. As for me, mine was strapped on the back because I had to put another layer on my head which meant my helmet no longer fit. DOOF!