Sunday, March 14, 2010

First real day of training

So today was my first real day of training. rode from my parents house in Clarksville to Cincinnati. This was about 43 miles. I must say it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I rode the entire 43 with only one 5 minute break and a couple stops to take pictures of weird animals and shit.

I rode about 3/4 the way there by myself before meeting up with Zach toward the end. About 29 miles of the ride was on the little Miami bike trail which I got on around fort ancient. However, Zach popped on the trail at the other end down in mt. Lookout and we rode until we saw eachother.

I felt pretty solid until maybe the last 10 miles where I started losing some steam. Just my luck... Right when I started getting tired was at the end where we had the pleasure of riding uphill for about 4 miles. That shit sucked.

Anyway, that was the longest ride I have ever done and it really wasn't that bad. Shit will be cake once we become mega bike warriors.

Oh yeah, after all was said and done Zach and I were both the hungriest we had ever been in our lives. We went to the Indian buffet and it was a 3 plater.

Tomorrow will be round 2 of mega ride. We shall see how far we can go.

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  1. blazin wheels man! you gonna hit a centennial in no time