Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surviving the Plague

So after three weeks of hacking up my lungs and barely being able to swallow due to a bummer of a sore throat, I woke up Monday morning with my eyelids crusted together. Yep, pink eye at 30 wtf?!! Went to the doc who confirmed my pink eye, bronchitis suspicions and sent me home armed with codeine tussin, an inhaler, and antibiotic eye drops. Take that immune system! Looks like I'll be on the mend of some kind soon and hopefully well enough to start doing some distance rides. I think I'm in good bike shape given I ride about 10-15 miles everyday but, its the distance and endurance/stamina I need to work on. Trying to climb as many hills during work as I can to build up those muscle groups. On a positive note, all my bits and pieces are finally together for my tour bike and it should be built up within a week!! Yes, finally! Once the Surly is built I'm gonna load it down with my panniers and gear everyday and do my dog route like that. So yeah word stoked! See you nerds soon!!!

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