Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 3 to..... Monterey.

Day two started off sweet.  Brian got about three hours worth of business done while me and lenora slept in. Didn't get on the road until about 1 as the ride to Santa Cruz is only 47 miles and our friend/lenoras beau, mykke was going to meet up with us at some point. He ended up meeting us about seven miles out of Santa Cruz right after Brians front deraileur pooped the bed. Bogus. Rode the last seven miles and killed some awesome Thai food. Lenora had found us a place to crash so we headed there.  Showed up mid bbq which happened to be attended by four bike mechanics so they played with Brians bike a bit.. no dice.

     One of them offered to open up their shop on Sunday to try and work it out so we accepted. Woke up early and said goodbye in silence to lenora and mykke, made a grocery run and headed to the bike shop. Spent an hour or more there and thought everything was good to go.. got six miles outside Santa Cruz and it was fucked again. Back tracked the six miles and hit another shop and didn't get back on the road till 4pm. This time we were given another gift. A sharp pain in my knee with every pedal.  Made some saddle adjustments which helped some but it bugged me the whole ride..

   The ride itself was not so bad. Through some strawberry fields and artichoke farms. Wind was a killer all day.  Our luck finally turned when we reached Moss Landing which filled me with memories of Capeside in the spring. Joey slinging seafood while Pacey and Dawson wise crack and drink cokes.. anyway we pushed it to Monterey in the dark with Brian waiting up for me every ten minutes because my knee is exploding. Finding this campground was the steepest climb of the day and no fun in the pitch black woods. It was stupid seriously. Free though. F it.

  Through carmel and big sur tomorrow. Going to be brutal.  wish lenora were here.. we have nobody to sing to and annoy. XXX

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