Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last Week Before...

So this week has been stupid hectic, two house sits, the Teacher's Strike, six page paper to write, write and deliver letter to clients stating dates I will be away, get new medications, pick up camera from ups, get the last of the gear for my trip, bill clients, make dog walking schedule for Oliver, solidify person to take over Oliver's place when he leaves, make copy of keys for Oliver, get food for the trip, find lost bike shorts, and more that I can't really think of right now. WTF?!!!! I feel totally crazy! It's Wednesday night I leave Friday and I feel totally overwhelmed. Can't wait to take off and not have to deal with anything which won't be the case cause I'm sure clients will still be calling and Oliver will need a little assistance. I look forward to the bliss that comes with doing nothing but riding my bike. Dear self do not freak out! That being said I must get back to writing my overdo paper and all the other shit I need to complete before 6pm Friday FML

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