Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Training is over! Sort of. Well, our training wasn't really very thorough in the first place. We sort of just went for some rides here and there. Not very consistent haha. I would have liked to have ridden some more, however, as it turns out my bike was broken all weekend. I took it to campus cyclery in clifton to get a simple front deraelleur adjustment and magically my shifter broke as soon as they put it on the bike lift. I don't even know how it ended up broken as I rode with it 52 miles the day before and used it to get to the bike shop... but it broke. Luckily, SRAM is awesome and sent me a brand new shifter for free no questions asked. I am thinking this breaking of shifter was more of a blessing than a hump in the road. After receiving the new shifter I realize that I believe the ass holes at the shop in manhatten that sold me the shifters in the first place sold me some damaged goods. When I opened them in the first place I could tell that they had been installed before and I sort of thought the front shifter felt a little wonky... However, I installed them anyway and they worked for a month or so with no problems. But now that I have a new one I think the original one was sort of bonked in the first place. I forget what the shop was called in NYC, but it was the same shop that sold some faulty shit to my friend matt kosoy. FUCK THAT SHOP! Come to think of it, the same shop sold my old roommate vina her bianchi and I am pretty sure they did some absent minded shit to that bike as well.

Anyway, with those issues out of the way... my front deraelleur is still not perfectly functioning and I am going to have to take it to a shop in san fran to get it fixed up. Speaking of san fran! I too shipped my bike today. Let me tell you... shipping this bike is much more of a pain in the ass than shipping my fixed gear. So many damn parts that take up way more box space. Also, So many more parts to disassemble. The process was a bit frustrating, however it is now over and my bike shall hopefully show up at lenora's doorstep on tuesday. Last time I shipped my pake UPS somehow lost all record of it in their system and I thought it was gone forever. Miraculously it showed up a couple days later than it was supposed to and all was decent. Shit better go smoother this time!

I fly out to san fran on friday. Hopefully zach can get a seat on my flight and we can sit together and listen to NOFX the entire flight. Now I go play laser tag.

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