Saturday, April 10, 2010

San Fran

Zach and I have made it to San Francisco. We got in to town and are
currently staying with our good friend Emily Williams whose boyfriend
grahm is quite the avid bicycle tourist. He told us a couple brief
stories about his trip across tibet last night and we discussed the
power of ortlieb panniers. He also believes we should be able to do
San Fran to San Diego in 6 or 7 days if we tried. He has done it in 3
to LA via moped and has many friends who have done it in around 6. We
have a lot more leniancy in our schedule than that haha. I suppose
that may just mean we get to hang in LA with friends longer.

So yeah, our bikes should arrive here by Tuesday and we hit the road
Friday afternoon. Hopefully we can do some riding with Lenora during
the week. She has planned some sort of riding expedition this weekend,
however, we are currently sans bicycles.

All right, back to waiting for everyone else to wake up. Hooray for
jet lag!

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