Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oakland to Santa Cruz!

So Friday was our first leg of the bike tour and I was feeling under prepared, started the day with no bike rack, no water bottles and no bottle cages. I was killing myself to get my work day done in time to meet up with the Zach, Brian and Oliver. By the time 2:30pm rolled around I was wiped and a little apprehensive about my energy level for the ride. Luckily Brian had gotten me a much needed burrito and that combined with the BART trip to Daly City recharged me. So we were off and it was awesome! The climbs were a little rough till muscles warmed up to the punishment and my brain got past the "Oh Shit!" response every time a hill was viewed in the distance. We got to Half Moon Bay with some light to spare and settled in for some more Mexican food. After a few hours of bullshitting at the restaurant we headed to the campsite and pitched our tents under the glaring incandescent gaze of Brian's front bike light. Saturday morning I woke up to all the aches and pains my 30 year old body has finally decided to assault me with. A little creaky in the back and knees as I greeted the top of my tent and the outlines of insects that explored its outside. My left hip has been a pain for a few months and Fridays ride was no exception, I think my saddle height is too high. We waited for Mykke to join us till around 12:30pm but decided to head out and see if he could catch up. We hit the road and did pretty fucking well! We took it easy, stopping here and there eating pie at the Pie Ranch napping in the grass by the ocean. Despite some cranky body parts things were moving along well, that is till Brian got a flat courtesy of a thumb tack. We got back on the road after changing the tube and not long after Brain's front derailleur decided to crap out WTF?!! poor guy. We decided to grab some curb 7 miles outside Santa Cruz and wait for Mykke who despite getting a two hour late start was only 10 minutes behind us. (to be continued)

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