Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's always something...

Yesterday we rode from gaviota state park to ventura. Ovarall it was a
pretty smooth and easy ride. Leaving gaviota we had some nice scenery
of off shore drilling stations as we killed it down the 101 with fast
traffic at our side all morning. It got a little monotonous so we
pumped some tunes. The ride went a lot faster while we were both
raging to jawbreaker.

Eventually we made it to goleta or whatever city that was where we got
off 101 and spent most of the rest of the day riding backroads through
various cities along the coast. My flat tire situation from the
previous day seemed to have corrected itself except for some reason my
front wheel was a bit wobbly. We pulled off to some bike shop in
goleta and bought some new tubes and I decide to rotate my tires. I
also broke down and purchased a cheap cycling computer to show our
mileage and speed and what not. I love numbers and shit like that so
clearly I couldn't stop staring at the thing all day always checking
how fast I was going and how many miles we had gone. Oh yeah, and Zach
has had one of these the entire trip but didn't think it worked but as
soon as I checked the trouble shooting secion of the directions we
instantly solved the problem that it needed a very minor adjustment to
work. We are idiots.

So after a nice break of bike maintenance, we hit the road again. In
no time we made it to Santa Barbra and were riding next to some beach
side walk way accosting all the people we were passing. Eventually we
decided to stop and hang out on the beach for a bit. We were soon
passed by a group on segways so we of course laughed at them and took
pictures. The natural reaction.

So yeah, we hit the road again and Zach realized that somehow he was
keeping up with me and miraculoulsy at some point he passed me! Like
the wise man he is he knew something must be wrong and saw that my
tire was flat again... This was the same tire that was giving me
problems the day before. We were only like 15 miles from Ventura so I
decided it was time to take it to a bike shop and have them examine it
and maybe they could see something I didn't. However, my tire's slow
leak meant that I had to stop every 2 or 3 miles to pump it up to get
to the bike shop. Really fun end to the day.

We stopped at one bike shop ran by red necks in flip flops and they
were like "we will just put a tube in it.. Problem solved." I didn't
like his answer at all so I just turned around and left and didn't
even aknowledge him. Luckily there was another shop down the street
and they were nice enough to take a look. There was a tiny piece of
wire poking through that honestly I have no idea how I missed it. I
ran my fingers all through the inside of that tire multiple times and
found nothing. Dude found it like instantly. So yeah, hopefully that
chapter of shitty is over.

The other "something" that happened yesterday was that we were suppose
to stay with one of zachs friends last night but she decided to not
answer his phone calls or texts all day. Shitty! So here we are
camping in the cold again.

Anyway, we are off to LA today where we do actually have a place to
stay. We will be there for the next 3 or 4 days until we go to meet
back up with Lenora in San Diego for leg 2 of the trip!

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