Monday, April 19, 2010

Disaster strikes! v.1.0

So Lenora and Zach pretty much covered all of the bases with their
posts. Basically after having 1.75 really awesome days worth of riding
my shit started hitting the fan and spraying all over the wall.

As was said earlier, I got a flat from a thumb tac. I mean come on...
A thumb tac? In the middle of mountainous northern California? You
gotta be kidding right? To be fair, I am pretty sure I rode about 30
miles with the thumb tac in my tire before I decided to pull it out
which wasn't the best idea because that was what was holding all the
air in my tire. Note to our readers, when you have some shit stuck in
your tire and you don't seem to be losing air, leav it in there until
you stop somewhere.

Also, as was mentioned my deraelleiur shat the bed. Thanks a ton to
all of the people from bike church for helping me try to figure it
out, however what none of us could see was that the deraellieur arm
was bent and that is why i couldt get it to shift at all. This awesome
problem cost us almost a days worth of riding.

Luckily Zach and I are ballers and still managed to ride 47 miles
after our mega late start.

But yeah, more infuriating than the technical problems was that when
we got to our camp ground at 9pm, after having some delicious subway,
we were greeted with what I would have to say was the steepest and
worst hill climb of the trip so far just to get to the camp site. I
mean really, what the fuck is that!? That was more infuriating than
then broken parts! We just kept going around these 180 degree turns to
see and even bigger and steeper hill. We thought it had to have been a
bad joke. Then not to mention after we got up to the top of the hill
it was the coldest night so far. On the plus side though we were
greeted by some super nice Germans who were already camped up here who
had been biking from LA to San Fran. They tool the wrong way! They
told us the winds were really tough and I believe it. When we were
catching the tail winds yesterday we were totally shredding it.
Hopefully we get some tail winds to push us up the giant Jill to big
sur today!

Ok, enough standing in this restaraunt waiting for my phone to charge.


  1. dang brian! i wonder how your derailleur ended up being bent! the thing was brand new. Do you think it happened when you shipped the bike out west?

    Hopefully you'll have some better luck as you progress further into the trip. be safe out there.

  2. you dudes are sickos
    wheres the pictures???

  3. Matt: I think it just got bent due to lots of hard shifting in the mountains. No worries with that though now that I knownto look for it. It is an easy fix with some needle nose pliers just to bend it back. I already had to do it one other time.

    Big dizzy: most of my pics or on my digital camera so they will be going up as soon as I can get to a capable computer to upload. Probably in LA. Wish you were raging with us Dane!