Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Rest

Mykke (my partner) met up with us right around the same time Brian's derailleur decided to be a jerk and stop working. We rode the last few miles into Santa Cruz hoping, as the sun went down, that a bike shop somewhere would be open. We stopped and chowed down on some killer Thai food before heading to Elaina's house to crash. We were greeted with showers, booze(the guys did not partake), ice cream, blankets, a warm fire, good company, bike mechanics, and a place to rest our heads. All the kids hanging out were bike geeks and seemed to know a thing or two about fixing shit (they were part of the Bike Church) so there was hope for Brian's faulty derailleur yet. A couple peeps offered to meet up with him the next morning to see if they could get is workin properly. Not exactly sure how that all turned out since the guys went to bed before me and Mykke and left this morning without waking us. Mykke and I stayed up late talking and making new friends with some of the most hospitable and friendly people I've ever met. This morning we woke to crepes filled with fresh fruit, pancakes, and veggie bacon! So delicious!! We meant to leave early to enjoy some of our Sunday at home but, found we couldn't tear ourselves away. We finally forced ourselves to leave around 3pm and were told to come back soon to visit. Brian called and said they had to head back to Santa Cruz to get a new derailleur cause his crapped out again(SUCKS!). Haven't heard too much since but, last I knew they were intending to head back out on the road to ride as far as they could before dark. Hope they're ok! It's nice to be home with the puppy and Mykke but, I wish I was with Zach and Brian climbing to Big Sur. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! Hope all your troubles are over

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