Friday, April 30, 2010

Ten hut

Today we rode from Dana point to encinita. Overall it was a pretty uneventful ride. So uneventful, in fact, that I don't remember very much of it. Either that or I forgot due to the romantic evening I just had with Zachary eating skittles and drinking dr. Pepper while watching the sunset on the beach. Whatever.

So yeah, we took a sort of half day and only rode 48 miles or something which leaves us a wopping 20 or something to ride tomorrow to San Diego. Originally we were going to trek it to San Diego today and have the day off there tomorow, but after just having 4 days off we weren't really feeling like loafing around another city getting in peoples way and loafing around. It would be nice to do shit in San Diego for a day, but let's be honest, the last thing you really want to do on a day off during a bike tour is go out running around not relaxing.

We started off today riding through san Clemente which was basically a million ups and downs where it is impossible to get in the groove. This also made hurties in zachys knees. Shortly outside of San Clemente we saw a brutal futuristic nuclear power plant with a magnificent ocean side view just sucking the life out of the planet. We then rode through a really boring park which lead to an even more boring and desolate bike trail leading through absolutely nothing that took us through a mud puddle laced tunnel which Zach almost ate shit in (Ha!).

After this stretch of boredom we crossed in to camp pendleton where we were greated by 3 of Americas finest. For those who don't know, camp pendleton is a huge military base. Our gate keeping greeters proceeded to ask us why the hell we would ever want to ride our bikes cross country and said they would rather eat a bullet than have to do what we were doing. Secretely we were wishing that bullet would be served.

I thought we might see some heavy shit up in that thar army base, like tanks and shit. However we mostly just saw tribal tattoos and unwelcoming glares.

Imediately after leaving the base we found our days salvation as we pulled up to our first (and probably last) del taco stop of the trip. We figured we better get our habits of eating cheap garbage out of the way before Lenora meets up with us tomorrow and makes us eat like adults. We ate our grub and went about our business.

It was not too long before we got all up  in to carlsbad where we stopped in at some bike shop and chatted with a super nice old man who was raging to Tom waitts alone in his shop. He came out and checked out our bikes and offered us restrooms or anything else we might need. Unfortunately I forgot the name of his shop to give him a plug.

Once we were in Carlsbad propper we were scootin along the 101 beach side and shit looked straight up like a scene from bay watch. Mass surfers and bikini babes. Even shit neck life guards cruisin the beaches in jeeps. I felt this was the time of day to start harassing people on the side walk so I started yelling at every other person we passed that "yo, this place looks like baywatch." Zach laughed until he peed his biker shorts, in turn giving him a bad moisture chafing all down his leg.

Finally we made it to Encinita around like 2:30 or something. Zach wanted to do laundry so we did. Then we straight up killed 2 large pizzas from little ceasers. We couldn't pass on the $5 large deal. We then headed over to our camp ground around 6 after piddling our afternoon away only to find that the camp ground wasn't offering hike and bike this evening. This put us in quite a pickle as there literally was no where else to go other than $90 hotels for miles due to our proximity to San Diego. This camp ground was pretty much our last resort. I felt pretty defeated and was totally in the mind set that we were done for the day so I went back up to the dude at the camp gate and pleaded some sob story that the camp ground was our last resort and we didn't know what to do if we couldn't stay there. My pleading, fortunately, worked and dude gave us a regular camp site for the price of hiker biker.

So here we are! In our tents again where we feel safe. Tomorrow we are doing a super easy day to San Diego where I am hoping to take in a matinee showing of nightmare on elm street before we meet up with Lenora.


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