Sunday, May 2, 2010

Leg 1 officially complete

So we have for reals completed the first leg of the trip. It is
definitely the shortest leg, but I think it may have been the most
physically demanding leg. I could also be wrong about that one! I
guess we shall see soon enough as leg 2 starts tomorrow, and it is
going to be a rough first day haha.

Anyway, today was only a 35 mile ride from encinatas to San Diego
(well, where we are staying in San Diego). We took our time waking up
then hit the road. I wanted to see nighmare on elm street, so we
stopes in la jolla to do so. Zach didn't want to join me so he
chillaxed beach side with the tourists.

After the movie we lurched our way across San Diego to wherever we are
now. Fortunately about a mile from the house we are at we had the
luxary of climbing the absolute steepest hill of the entire trip thus
far. Not only was it steep, it was also long. I wanted to stop
multiple times but forced myself up with no breaks. Once we reached
the top I imediately got off my bike and breathed heavily for many
minutes. Shit sucked.

Time for high points and low points of the first leg!:

Most beautiful rides were Carmel and big sur hands down. Carmel was
fancy pretty while big sur was just straight up natural pretty.

Most enjoyable rides were the mega descents in big sur area and
leaving San Simeon being pushed by 46 mph winds. We were just flying
effortlessly. It ruled.

The worst day was going to gaviota state park where the ride was
boring all day and I got a tube stem stuck in my rim.

So far Zach and I are getting along just fine. No fights or bullshit.
Still laughing about stupid shit all day. We have both been looking
forward to Lenora joining the party though to change up the dynamic.

I think that about sums up leg one. Now off to leg two!

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