Monday, May 17, 2010

Post apocolypse ride 2010 AD

This morning we got up and I did my usual route examination on our map
and came to realize there must have been a miscalculation or some shit
when I planned our shit for today because we were only supposed to go
83 miles but the map was telling me 113. This isn't really a big deal,
but since we didn't expect it I guess we weren't really mentally
prepared. Also, Lenora was feeling a bit ill this morning so we left
an hour later than we had hoped.

We hit the road around 8am just in time to ride in the morning el paso
traffic. It got a bit hectic for a bit until we escaped civilization.
Also, we saw a place named "the burro cafe" which sent me in to a

Pretty much our entire ride today was filled with ghost towns. Every
"town" we drove through was full of abandoned businesses and the
completely run down buildings that housed them. It was some post
apocalypse shit for real. It looked straight up out of the pages of
the book the road. I was pretty in to it and it made me feel somewhat
desperate and like dangerous lurkers were around every corner waiting
to jump me and ravage my food rations.

When we weren't among the ghost towns we were on ghost roads where no
cars dared travel. It made for an easy ride as we had the entire road
to ourselves. Zach and I did a lot of badass stunts with our plentiful
road space.

Seeing how all of the buildings and stores we encountered were gutted
and destroyed, our ride was not quite rich with recourses. About
halfway through the day we were running low on water and were sort of
banking on this one gas station coming up to fill up on water.
Unfortunately, Zach read the update sheet for our map and found out
the gas station had been ghostified and would no longer be of service
to us. At this point we decided to head up to some house in the middle
of nowhere to see if we could fill our bottles. However, no one was
home. We decided we had to do what we had to do so we found a spicket
outside their house and pillaged their water. Thanks random home owner!

So we carried on and found our ghost gas station and decided to stop
their anyway and sit under their awning for shade while we at lunch.
The shit was falling apart and littered with broken down vehicles and
random twisted machine parts. We also peeped in the store windows and
saw there was a TV inside that was turned on playing some staticy
shit. That was actually pretty creepy.

Anyway, we then hit the road again and had to so some minor climbing.
However, at this point in the day it had become super hot. During this
stretch everyones pacience was wearing quite thin. We had some
distress and stopped for a bit before carrying on to a border check.

Shortly after the border check we popped up in Seirra blanca which apeared
to be a once happenin town but is now as run down as the rest of our
ride. 90% of the buildings were completely destroyed and abandoned.
Everything that was "open" was half destroyed as well. Though the
weird thing Was that people still lived in the town. We were all
thinking how depressing it would be to live in a town like that. And
with that said, we discovered we didn't have enough daylight to make
it to the next town so we pitched our tents on the only piece of grass
in the shittiest RV park I have ever seen.

Though this town is completely ruined and depressing, we are kind of
stoked to be here. It is so run down it is almost unbelievable.
Hopefully we don't get ransacked in the night!

Anyway, i am laying in my tent past my bed time so I am ending this.


  1. i hope you guys are taking photos!

  2. Don't worry girl. My camera is fillin up nice