Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lines on my face growing deeper every day

Birthday blog.  28 years ago mom gave birth to me as drug free as I am today.  Appreciate all the media bday wishes from everyone today.  We crashed at a hotel last night as a gift and it was pretty spectacular. Jumped in that filthy, frozen pool and got Chinese delivered. Today we only rode a handful of miles.. just enough to get a little outside of the city and to get to Cici's for my birthday lunch and dinner (we stayed for like five hours.) After eating till it made us sad we headed on towards this camp site. We were 500 ft away when me and Lenora both got our tires thorned up and busted. Treated Housed and Served. Rode on our wabblers to the site and patched that shit up hard while talking shit on each other and sipping Fanta. I had strawberry. They had pineapple. So what!?

Yesterday we broke the 100 mile mark. Made even more baller do to the oppressive headwind we fought all day. Made even more baller that I was barefoot and bunny hopping every crack and eating pasta out of my water bottles. This ride made me want to go row a boat. I think you can only look at rows of pecan trees for like 3 hours before you start wishing a bird would peck out your eyes and feed them to its young.

The plus side of yesterday was meeting back up with big fat Lenorbit.  Brian is fine but we can only verbally assault each other so much before wanting to have an actual conversation.

So anyway. This is west Texas. I'll be listening to Explosions In The Sky tomorrow and will keep an eye out for Timmy Riggins and the rest of the Dillon Panthers. Wish we could have spent more time in New Mexico. Nah I don't really care actually. One of my earliest childhood memories is of getting super sick in in albuquerque on a vacation with the fam. Remember that? mom? Dad?

I've been whimpering in my sleep.


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