Friday, May 14, 2010

Left Behind

So here I am in the library of WNMU looking up fun things to do in Silver City. Gotta keep it low key so as to not brutalize the ol' knee here. I was sad to see the guys go this morning and was wishing I could join them. It feels weird to not be riding my bike and my body isn't sure what to do with itself. I would love to be charging through the desert taking in the rest of amazing New Mexico. People here have been rad though, this morning they took me out for breakfast and paid for it. Looks like I got a ride to a town about 60 miles from El Paso tomorrow, if my knee is up for it I'm just going to ride there and meet the guys. Suppose to be pretty flat, maybe I'll actually get to take in some more of New Mexico before the long stretch of West Texas. Today has given me a chance to reflect on our journey so far. I love the scenery, even the barren scorched earth of the desert, it's just so different than what I'm use to. I saw houses surrounded by pasture at the base of mountains and thought how lovely it would be to one day live like that. Things not noted in previous blog post: the weird ass shack/house at the base of the mountain climb, it was made of plywood,street signs, flags and other scraps of material. We joked the guy was gonna come after us with a shot gun as we munched a snack nearby. The sky is huge here, nearly cloudless and blue it stretches far. The land is lovely full of boulders, caverns, caves and crevices. Dry river beds are deep and look like mini canyons choked full of rocks and the dry branches of parched trees. The other day as we bombed a 7% grade on either side was a depleted muddy river giving enough water to allow for a small oasis in the red rough desert. Green grass and trees grew near it for a few acres before giving way to sand and rock. Its hard to write of these things at the end of a harsh ride. The mind and body are drained and the days run together. How can you possibly remember all you saw? I think I will sit on all this and recap later my experience.

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