Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Las cruces, Los crudos

I left silver city in a red Volvo and a swirl of cotton wood fiber. I
was grateful to go despite how kind people were, there's only so much
self important priveleged white hippy nonsense I can take. I met up
with Brian and Zach in las cruces new mexico and rode the last 40
miles into el paso with them. It was good to be back on the rode.
Riding behind zach dodging the farts and snot he threw at me. We had
our hotel and day off which was awesome. I was still adjusting to
riding with a bunk knee so things were a little slow going. We hit the
rode and went through beautiful pecan farms. I think the sw is lovely
but riding through those sudo forests made me miss the east coast. At
one point we stopped and I was able to collect some fallen pecans.
Ack! My time line is all messed up. The pecans happened on the way to
el paso, whatevs. Anyway yeah so yesterday we were suppose to go so
many miles. 75 miles into our 114 mile day my brain and body had
enough. In the middle of a climb in a awful headwind I stopped and
just started crying. Ugh! We had 50 miles to go and I just felt I
couldn't do it. My knee was screaming, my back was in knots and I was
mentally worn down. But we couldn't stop there obviously so we powered
on to Sierra Blanca, Texas. We entered the town on west main street,
past the devastated shells of abandoned cars and the skeletons of long
forgotten buildings. Seriously it was a ghost town. The strangeness of
it was that the stores still had merchandise on their shelves. They
sat there collecting dust and fading with age. We crossed train tracks
searching for signs of life to no avail. At the end of main street we
found an abandoned rv park, an exxon, and a BBQ restaraunt. We camped
there for the night, ate way to greasy food at the BBQ place, and used
the exxon for a bathroom. Today was 30 some miles to van horn
scattering sunbathing lizards on the red pavement. Some climbs but
mostly down hill and we had a tailwind. Glorious!!! We got to van
horn,tx, got a super cheap hotel and i ate two ice cream cones at
dairy queen. Being a grown up rules!!!

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